Types of Dash Covers and Their Purpose

Dash Cover

Whether it’s an SUV, van, truck, or car, it’s an expensive investment that, unfortunately, loses its value when its dashboard crumbles, cracks, or fades under the influence of sun rays. For those car owners who want to protect their vehicle’s dashboard and keep it looking and feeling like new, the aftermarket industry offers a great number of dashboard covers made from a variety of materials and available in a myriad of styles.

In fact, dash covers are something more than loosely cut pieces of material that is taped across the top of your dash to protect it from the sun’s harmful UV rays; they are handsome-looking accessories that bring an extra touch of style to the vehicle’s interior. All dash covers are vehicle-specific, which means they feature built-in flaps and cutouts to accommodate vents, airbags, hinged storage doors, etc.

All the benefits of dash covers can be summarized in the following list:

  • Prevent fading and cracking
  • Reduce glare and dust
  • Custom fit, which ensures hassle-free installation
  • Available in multiple colors and patterns to meet various needs and preferences

Today, aftermarket manufacturers like DashMat, Dashtex, Dash Designs, and Coverking mainly use 5 types of materials and they are:

1. Carpeting:

  • 1.1 Made of non-shrinking needle punch carpet;
  • 1.2 Crafted from heavy-weight polyester carpet;
  • 1.3 Made from a blend of high tech materials, which can be molded into the shape of the dashboard (these covers are known as molded.)

2. Suede fabric:

  • 2.1 Made of soft, smooth imitation suede material;
  • 2.2 Manufactured from perforated suede-like material;
  • 2.3 Crafted from brushed suede-like material.
3. Velour fabric
4. Woven fabrics
5. Carbon fiber

Whether you want to bring the look and feel of velour, suede, plush carpeting, or carbon fiber to the interior of your four-wheel friend, the industry offers a vast number of products to choose from. If you don’t like solid color covers and are looking for printed patterns, you are also offered a wide variety of choices. With a great number of materials, styles, colors, and designs on offer, it’s easy to find just the perfect dash cover for your vehicle.

In addition, many dash covers can be customized with embroidered images and even personalized lettering. Thus, aftermarket manufacturers provide customers with the possibility to not only protect their dashboard, but also customize their interior making it special. So, as you see, today the industry has a lot to offer to even the most demanding customers.