Ford Mustang Concept

Giugiaro’s Concept of Ford Mustang is not a modified Mustang, it is an “interpreted” Mustang. In Fabrizio’s words, “We still believe it’s important to show the automotive world pure exercises in style that interpret key models reflecting the history and image of important brands.”  There is far more freedom in interpretation;  just ask a dancer.

Bringing European styling to this All-American icon, Italdesign has turned the Mustang into a refined and intimidating sports car. The stock Mustang is primarily an option for the general public; so Giugario decided to change the styling and design of both the interior and the exterior to help the present day Mustang look more like a stallion and less like a pony. The new car is more compact and tapered with a smaller rear overhang, but is wider by 30 mm (1.2 in) at the front, and by 80 mm (3.1 in) at the rear giving it a more aggressive look. A huge single pane forms the windscreen and the roof which is made from a unique type of crystal that filters out 100% of UVA rays, yet does not polarize visible light. The doors are touch operated and when opened raise from the A-pillar at a 45 degree angle, similar to the classic Lamborghini’s scissor doors. Inside, the interior has been largely redone, now trimmed in sleek aluminum and fine leather trim. The dashboard, door panels, dials & knobs, and gear lever have all been re-done with finer materials to look more modern, aggressive and sleek. New periscope style air conditioning vents have also been installed, along with a new seat trim that harkens to the Pony Car’s name with furred horse hides.

Regular Mustangs can be had with sunroofs, but this one has a single panel reaching all the way from bonnet to boot for uninterrupted views of the canyons you could scorch if you could get your hands on it. And that single panel isn’t even plain glass. Ford says it is a “special type of crystal that filters out 100 percent of UVA rays,” which means, “we’ve got a really good tint guy. No bubbles anywhere!

Ford Mustang ConceptFord Mustang Giugiaro ConceptFord Mustang Concept

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