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Types of Dash Covers and Their Purpose

Whether it’s an SUV, van, truck, or car, it’s an expensive investment that, unfortunately, loses its value when its dashboard crumbles, cracks, or fades under the influence of sun rays. For those car owners who want to protect their vehicle’s […]

Lexus LFA

This first Lexus to be launched without a stated passenger-to-golf-bag quotient has been 10 years in gestation and overtaken by technology and events. The LFA has an unprecedentedly low center of gravity of 17 3/4″ — located directly beneath the […]

Ford Mustang Concept

Giugiaro’s Concept of Ford Mustang is not a modified Mustang, it is an “interpreted” Mustang. In Fabrizio’s words, “We still believe it’s important to show the automotive world pure exercises in style that interpret key models reflecting the history and […]